Chudney DeFreitas-Thomas: reaching for the heights!

24 04 2011

Aspiring author Chudney DeFreitas-Thomas.

Contemporary. Sexy. Paranormal. Romance. If those four adjectives describe the literature you like to read, then aspiring author Chudney DeFreitas-Thomas’s work may be right up your alley!

Not yet published, Mrs DeFreitas-Thomas began writing after the birth of her second daughter. The book was a memoir about her own mother, who sadly passed away before her children were born.

“I realised that neither of my children would know her, so I began writing down my memories.”

Since then, the mother-of-two has fallen into romance writing.

She granted Hairouna ATS access to a slice of her life and career. I wish her all the best of luck on her publication search. Readers, when she makes it big, remember where you read about her first! Read the rest of this entry »


The moon is following Cecil Browne!

23 04 2011

Cecil Browne featured in the July 27, 2010 issue of the 'Searchlight' newspaper.

Throughout their lives, many people harbour secret ambitions of writing  and having their work published. Not only was this an ambition for Mathematics lecturer Cecil Browne, he actually achieved it!

In March 2010, his first book The Moon Is Following Me was published by Matador. It is a collection of six short stories that “recalls an era when the village was the centre of life in… St. Vincent and the Grenadines”.

Born in 1957, Mr Browne grew up in Chester Cottage, a village near Georgetown on the Windward side of the island.

He said: “It was, and still is, an intriguing little village.”

He migrated to the UK in 1970 and, apart from spells living in London, settled in High Wycombe – home to the largest Vincentian community in England. Read the rest of this entry »

‘Meet a Vincy’: focus on Michelle James

3 04 2011

Michelle James, featured for her academic excellence.

Last month’s The Vincy, the official newsletter of the High Commision for St. Vincent & the Grenadines, featured Michelle James – currently practising at the Royal Free Trust as a biomedical scientist (BMS) in histopathology.

Born in the UK but raised in SVG, Michelle returned to the UK in 1993 to further her tertiary education. She holds a BSc (hons) sandwich degree in Biomedical Sciences, and a MSc in Cellular Pathology. Read the rest of this entry »

Nothing like some Fryktion to heat things up!

10 03 2011

Ramon 'Fryktion' McDowall - on the rise.

Cast your minds back to 2009. Summer. For those of you with your finger on the pulse of Vincy soca, you’ll remember that the refrain ‘your woman butting me!’ was beating down the airwaves of SVG’s radio stations. You will also remember that when the song was first released, not even the most ardent Becket fans could tell that this was the work of a ‘sound-alike’ – Ramon ‘Fryktion’ McDowall.

The self-taught musician, who is making a name for himself in the soca realm, took a little time out of his busy schedule to chat with Hairouna ATS.

Read the rest of this entry »

No matter how far away, stars always shine!

26 02 2011

Nneka Elliott isn't letting race or gender hinder her rise to the top.

Good looking, intelligent, warm personality and a great sense of humour. Nneka Elliott is well on her way to having it all. And did I mention that she has her own Wikipedia entry? If dictionaries came with photographic entries, the 27-year-old’s face would appear alongside the word ‘amazing’.

Nneka currently works at CP24 News in Toronto; donning the multi-feathered cap of weather specialist, reporter and news anchor. Prior to that, she was employed as a reporter/anchor at CFRB Newstalk 1010AM, and a weather broadcaster with The Weather Network. Her first foray into broadcasting came as a weekend host for a music/talk show at Hitz FM radio station in St. Vincent.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Radio and Television from Ryerson University under her belt, it was inevitable that Nneka would pursue a career in this field. But by no means has that afforded her the luxury of an easy ride. Read the rest of this entry »

A man’s world is nothing without a woman’s touch!

23 02 2011

Cherisse Vanloo is holding her own in a male-dominated field.

In Montreal, the construction industry is dominated by white, middle-aged, french-speaking males. Cherisse Vanloo is the antithesis of that… she’s a visible minority, young, English (as a first language)-speaking and female. But that has in no way stopped her from cutting a path through this testosterone laden field!

Of Vincentian parentage, Cherisse currently works as a project manager for Edifice Experts – an affiliate of Inspec-sol Inc.

“Every odd is stacked against me. I’m often regarded as being irrelevant or under-experienced,” she lamented.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way… Read the rest of this entry »

All hail CupQuakes – “a tremor in every bite”!

23 02 2011

Business owner, Tia Antoine.

Looking at photos of Tia Antoine, anyone could be forgiven for thinking she was a model… perfectly coifed hair, flawless complexion, curves in all the right places, a keen sense of fashion… But this glamour-puss has not just launched her own line of clothing or not-so-fragrant perfume – she has launched her cup cake business!

The 27-year-old was born and raised in St. Vincent and the Grenadines; having attended the Kingstown Preparatory School, Girls’ High School and the SVG Community College. She migrated to the U.S to pursue a university education, and graduated in 2005 from State University of New York.

Tia, who has been self-employed since graduating, said that the idea for starting her cup cake venture came to her after an extended period of inactivity, career-wise. Read the rest of this entry »