Hello? Is anyone out there?

23 02 2011

This is my list of the Top Bloggers of Diaspora news and events:

The Irish Diaspora: “Heritage and culture, ingenuity and aspiration, goodwill, and a chance to show how, when things get wobbly, we shake off the dust and find new ways to do things, wherever we are.”

Kenya Stockholm Blog: “This blog is dedicated to news and events happening around Kenyans in Stockholm.”

Tracing the Tribe: “A Jewish Genealogy blog”

Jamaican Diaspora Blog

Indian Diaspora Blogs: bloggers of Indian heritage discussing Indian cuisine

Life in the Armenian Diaspora: “Stories from the Armenian Diaspora around the world.”

Kenyan Community in Germany

Guyana Diaspora

Of these blogs, The Irish Diaspora, Kenya Stockholm Blog and Tracing the Tribe are the only regularly updated ones. Being a blogger myself, I understand how difficult it is balancing a busy life with online ‘duties’, so I really commend these bloggers for keeping their work fresh and current!

I did some digging and there aren’t that many blogs that feature Diaspora related content… and even fewer who make regular entries. So I think I’m onto a winner here!




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